About Me

About Me

About Me

My name is John McKeown, I am 53yrs old and married to Jackie and we have 3 sons. In 2010 my wife was diagnosed with bowel cancer. She decided against chemotherapy and instead went to Germany where she had Ozone therapy and Hyperthermia. It was a very tough road but we persevered and thankfully in 2013 she had the tumor removed. Since then she has been in great health.

I have spent the last number of years researching how to keep all of our family healthy and I believe that reducing stress and getting oxygen to the cells goes a long way in doing this.

I have studied the work of;

  • Dr. Otto Warburg and Dr. Joanna Budwig regarding dietary requirements
  • Dr. Magda Havas and her research on EMF and how they can clog blood and so reduce oxygen transport
  • Wim Hof and his breathing and cold exposure and its positive effects on the immune system
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